Our Services

ATH NIAGABENA SDN BHD (ATHN) is one of the largest private concerns in Brunei, established in the year 1988 as a Trading and Construction company. The company has grown and diversified its business portfolio acquiring an outstanding record of growth reflected by its high placement amongst competitors.

ATH diversified portfolio at a glance:

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

  • Site preparation and Earth works,
  • Roads, Culverts and Associated structures,
  • Land reclamation,
  • Drainage and Retention structures,
  • Engineered sludge lagoons,
  • Feasibility studies and Project development plans,
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) works,
  • Road Markings and Signage

Building Construction

  • Commercial, Residential and VIP enclosures,
  • Educational Institutes,
  • Industrial and Manufacturing premises,
  • Recreational facilities,
  • Interior decorations,
  • Low Cost Housing Projects/Schemes,
  • Prefab Constructed Housing Projects.

Building Services and Asset Management

  • Civil maintenance and Asset management,
  • Miscellaneous repair and renovations,
  • Waterproofing works,
  • Upgrading and Face lifts of existing buildings,
  • Facilities and assets management,
  • Plumbing, telecom, M&E and sewerage services,
  • Air-conditioning & Refrigeration services.

Oil & Gas

  • Onshore and Offshore fabrication and construction,
  • Jetty, dykes and storm water structures,
  • Erosion control,
  • PWHT (Post Weld Heat Treatment) services,
  • Tube bundle extraction,
  • Onsite flange leak sealing,
  • Onsite Valve testing,
  • Onsite flange facing and machining services,
  • Fencing and enclosures,
  • Periodic maintenance and term contracts.
  • Controlled bolting services for Oil & Gas facilities,
  • Offshore support vessel chartering and Diving services,
  • Industrial commodities manufacturing and trading.

Water Works

  • Treatment plants inclusive of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works,
  • Pumping stations, raw and treated water distribution,
  • Processing and controls,
  • Telemetry systems.

Environmental Services

  • Mass rehabilitation and cleanup projects,
  • Breakwaters and reclamations,
  • Feasibility and concept planning,
  • Onshore and offshore piling and erosion protection,
  • Contaminated land remediation,
  • Soil and ground water analysis,
  • Hydro Seeding & Turfing services.


  • Fencing Products,
  • Reciprocating Pumps,
  • GRP gratings and Cable trays,
  • Steel material eg. Pipes, fittings and plates,
  • Marine, Industrial and Housing paint,
  • Pre-Engineered buildings,
  • Portable cabins,
  • Blasting abrasives,
  • Cargo barriers,
  • Construction Supplies.


  • Timber & Metal based Furnitures,
  • Carton Boxes,
  • Reverse osmosis packaged drinking water,
  • Corrugated ducting,
  • CNC and profile cut cabinets.

Agricultural & Farming

  • Rice Cultivation
  • Goat Farming
  • Napier Grass Cultivation